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How To Improve Your English Homework Grades

Different type of papers in English, such as expository and research related papers, provide different guidelines and requirements for the students. But there are certain guidelines, which are common in all the essays in English. Some of the major considerations while writing quality English papers for homework are listed below:

  • Background research
  • The first step in writing a quality English paper is to pre plan the structure and content on the basis of specific requirements. This is the organized way to approach towards writing an English paper, and must not be considered as unnecessary and tedious process. It provides scope for a high scoring English paper, which can be developed by seeking answers for questions related to topic and refining the thought process for writing the English paper by prioritizing ideas and points to be developed.

    It must be structured by a creative introduction to a topic and tie up the sections discussed in the paper to a relevant conclusion for the introductory topic. Use of transition words must be considered for developing paragraphs or maintain the flow of ideas in the written content. By initiating a elaborate attempt of doing the background research, the writer is enabled to support his/ her arguments or claims on the basis of the extensive gain of knowledge developed through the background research and study. It will eventually lead to better understanding of the English paper and reflection on the expertise gained through the background research in the English paper written and submitted for evaluation. It provides better chances of securing better grades in the subject by detailed coverage of the topic of the English paper by proper measurement, evaluation and projection of the salient points to develop the paper based on the acquired knowledge and opinion developed thereafter.

  • Seeking support
  • There is a requirement to make notes or collect information on the examples for the concerned topic to provide support to your ideas and arguments in the English paper. For example, in a research paper, references quoted or while doing a topic review for the novel, the plot must be explained by citing examples of the plot to support ideas on the topic.

  • Avoid common pitfalls
    • Contraction- Avoid unnecessary usage of “ or ‘ in research paper
    • Write the high school paper without use of first and second person pronouns
  • Final editing
  • Students often make mistakes in editing, which they find as a frustrating and loathsome step in writing. You can read the write up loud to identify the grammatical mistakes and problems in organization of the paper.

  • Drafting the conclusion of English paper
  • Conclusion has a lasting impression on the reader, if it is planned and addressed effectively. It must give the essence of the whole essay and highlight the importance of the thesis statement by relating to relevant points discussed in the paper, by moving from specifics to general reference.

  • Extensive reading
  • Another very important method to achieve a high scoring English paper is to engage in the practice of daily extensive reading by way of gaining more exposure to the art of writing and to address issues in grammar and punctuations in your writing.