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Is It Reasonable To Use Free Answers To Accounting Homework?

All homework can prove to be challenging at times, and we may need an extra bit of help. Help can come in many different forms.

  • Through classroom support.
  • Through help from a classmate.
  • Through looking for solutions online.

With the focus on available support online, you have a few choices available to you:

  • Look for online by accessing a Homework help web-site. Some support web-sites will talk the way through specific problems and questions to enable you to get a better understanding of the processes needed to get an answer.
  • Some sites may also have an online tutor that can help you gain a more in-depth understanding of the problem that you may be stuck on. You may be able to contact them by email or have a 1-1 tutorial.
  • You can also check out if there are any explainer videos that may help you to understand the problem you have been set and give you the confidence to apply that information to your own homework. Most of the video tutorials have been produced by tutors of by students who have gained expertise in the area of accounting.

But the conundrum is whether or not you can use the answers in your own work.

  • If you have accessed a worked example of a problem you may be able to substitute the numbers that you have been given and apply it to the example. The problem here is that you are going to have to make sure that you understand the exact remit of the work you have been set.
  • If your homework demands more than just calculations then you may find that you have a problem if you use the free answers as they may not pass any plagiarism check.
  • An additional problem to this is if you have used the solutions that were used in the free answers, your tutor may assume that you have complete understanding of the problem that you were solving.


  • Using an accounting homework support site, find a problem that is similar to the one that you have to solve and substitute the numbers for your own homework problem.
  • Carefully read the solutions that are offered online and put into your own words. Actually by doing this will help you learn more about the concept than you already knew.
  • Free answers are a great idea to use as examples but remember that there is a probability that several others may also have used those answers and claimed them for their own.