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10 Helpful English Grammar Homework Activities For Beginners

English Grammar is the most important subject that a person should grasp from his/her very childhood. The whole system depends on it and without having a proper knowledge of your grammars you will fail in most places. It might be in English tests, or when you will lay your hand on essay writings and other write ups. You might even face hardship at times of job interview. If you don’t have your basic cleared then how can you build something on it?

Tips to crack English grammar homework activities:

  • Choose a chapter which you are weak in. It might be in the segment of “tense” or “prepositions” or “adjectives” etc. You have to work hard on that particular thing till you are having a perfect knowledge about it.
  • While going for the tense part you should always try to go through the details given in the books. Try to decipher which tenser are used when and why. If you understand the reason then it won’t seem any hard to you.
  • While working on the adjective you should keep in mind that where to use it and how to use it. The use of adjective is quite important as it emphasises a particular word.
  • The sentence construction parts taught in the early schools shall be followed patiently else people would grow up with wrong conceptions and it would even deform their power of speaking English.
  • The active and passive chapter is of quite importance. You should know how to twist a same sentence from different angles and properly. For that you need through practice of it every day from several books.
  • Preposition is something which when you practice you get a sense to use the perfect one in perfect places.
  • The appropriate preposition is a bit different from the normal preposition. Here you have no other option but to learn them precisely and practise them too.
  • The conjunctions shall be thoroughly read and learnt to be used at perfect places. There are many rules regarding the use of specific conjunctions to make a sentence compound and complex. Practice hard to keep those in mind.
  • The use of interjections taught at early classes are important which you will come to know at your higher level works.
  • The use of metaphor, simile and other figure of speeches should be learnt properly else you won’t be able to understand their use in poems, novels, stories etc. There are thorough uses of metaphor and simile in poems of higher standards. The use of personification should be clearly grasped too.