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How To Do Homework In School: Some Useful Tricks

Homework – it’s a necessary part of learning. Homework is necessary because this is your alone time when it can just be you and the books. In fact, some students can only really learn when they are alone with their books—not in a room full of people.

Homework is also the way you’ve applied what you learned at school that day so that it is transferred from your short term memory—where it will soon disappear—to your long term memory, so that you can quickly access it later when you need it.

  1. Trick Number One: The Sooner You Do it After Class, The Easier it Will Be
  2. Therefore, the sooner you get at it and do your homework, the more you’ll remember from school and what the instructor said – and the easier and quicker it will go.

    In fact, if you’d do your homework while these lectures and activities from class are still fresh in your mind, you’d cut your writing time down by half.

    So, when you get home, take a brief break—say an hour to rest—completely rest your mind. Then pick up the books from your most recent class and do your homework assignment while you still know exactly how to do it. Think of the hours you’ll waste on the phone calling other students or reading and rereading instructions and chapters if you forget these aspects of the lecture. This is especially important for international students

  3. Before You Leave Class, Make Sure You Understand Every Single Aspect of the Assignment For Yourself (Don’t Ask Others—They Might Not Understand Either)
  4. Before you walk out of the classroom, make sure you understand everything about what you need to do on that assignment and do not leave class until you do. Don’t depend on one of your friends—they might not exactly understand it either. Even if you feel like you’re bothering the teacher—know that you are not. They want and get paid to make you understand the assignment.

  5. Use a Reward System for Yourself
  6. Homework goes better if you have something to look forward to at the end of finishing it. Tell yourself, “if I get this done, I will get to watch my favorite program for an hour.” Or “If I finish everything, I’ll treat myself to an ice cream cone.”