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Tips to Help You Write a Better Rhetorical Essay

Can you use your rhetorical skills to compose a better essay?

Have you ever heard of the expression “that is a rhetorical question” before? The actual definition of rhetoric is effective expression, speech or writing. For this reasons a rhetorical essay is merely just a well-composed piece of writing. A good example of a rhetorical essay would be a political speech or presentation.

How To Write Rhetorically

The best way to master rhetorical writing is to be precise and passionate when you compose your paper. For instance, in a rhetorical essay you may wish to be over expressive in order to get your point across. This includes using bold examples and metaphors so that the reader can understand completely what you are trying to say. Very often a lot of what is said in a rhetoric piece of writing is over-expressed so that the idea being defended motivates a reaction in the audience.

To begin writing in this style you must understand your purpose for writing. What are you attempting to do by composing an essay on this subject? The objective must be clear in order to successfully get your point across.

Very often in academic writing the student is assigned a topic to write on. This can make writing rhetorically difficult because your purpose for writing is “because I have to”. In this instance try to anticipate WHY someone may write this topic so importantly. This may inspire you to come up with ideas for your composition.

The other thing to keep in mind when you compose a rhetorical paper is who your listener/ audience is. The best way to make a connection is by writing in a relatable narrative that shows that you are sympathetic to the cause. Expressing empathy for the reader and the subject matter is a BIG part of successful rhetoric writing. Make sure you consider the various perspective of your target reader and address the different complaints and concerns that they may have in your writing.

Last but not least, the secret to writing rhetorically is being aware of when it is appropriate to do so. Not every essay calls for rhetoric expression. Consider carefully what your purpose is and whether or not it is a suitable style for your essay. If in doubt ask your instructor how they would like you to handle the topic that you have been assigned.