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Answering A Popular Question: Does Homework Help You Learn?

The vast majority of students hate homework and consider it to be a useless waste of their precious time. This issue is debated by many, even professional educators. Nowadays, you can find some schooling systems where the very notion of homework doesn’t exist. However, in the majority of schools and colleges it does exist and students are obliged to complete the assignments they receive.

One of the most efficient methods of motivating your children to work on their assignments is to help them realize how doing this will reflect on their future. Don’t just force your child to work on the assignments because you or teachers say so. You need to ensure that your child understands the relevance of homework and makes a conscious decision to work on it.

But does homework really help you learn? First of all, you need to answer this question for yourself. Otherwise, you will not be able to persuade your child to work on the assignments.

Consider both pros and cons of homework before you make your decision.


  • When children work on assignments, they review the material covered in class and can memorize it better.
  • Not all important information is presented during class, because time is rather limited there. Therefore, working out of class allows kids to learn more and understand the material better.
  • Working on different types of assignments helps children to develop their creativity and show their unique perspectives on various issues.


  • Working both at school and at home takes a lot of the child’s time and strength. Therefore kids have few opportunities to really enjoy their childhood and rest their minds and bodies.
  • Stress from assignments has a negative effect on children’s health.
  • Being forced to work at home can result in hatred of school and learning as a whole.
  • Every child is unique, so standardized assignments are inefficient by default.
  • Teachers have little time to analyze every paper they receive from their students properly and write a detailed review. Grade alone is not enough to make the assignment truly educational.

If you are of the opinion that working on these assignments is indeed a waste of time, try to find a school where your child will be allowed not to work on them, and instead focus on developing his or her skills in a different area.

In case this isn’t possible, sit your child down and discuss this matter. Be honest when you express your opinion and explain that unfortunately, sometimes people simply must do some things, and homework is one of them.