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7 Tricks That Can Prevent You From Getting Scammed By Assignment Writing Services

You heard about this many times: a student wanted to buy an assignment from the internet, but he was scammed. In the end, you never know who is behind a computer, and a famous writer can actually be a bad student. When you are in a rush and you need to submit your paper soon, you have to be very careful. You can not submit a bad paper or lose your money. These 7 tricks will prevent you from getting scammed:

  1. Don’t pay anything until you don’t get the content. Under any circumstance, no matter how hones the writer seems, you don’t have to give him money. You never know what kind of person he is, and he can easily disappear without delivering the content.

  2. Sign a contract. If you work with a company, you can easily sign a contract that will protect both of you. In this way, you will be protected by the law. If something goes wrong, you can use this against them.

  3. Be strict. Don’t agree with everything they say, and don’t accept services that you don’t need. State your requirements very clear, and save the conversation. Later, if they say that you did not mention a certain aspect, you have the proof.

  4. Let them know that you will leave a feedback. If the job goes smoothly, you will leave a very positive opinion on their profile. If not, you will leave a negative one. Believe me, there is nothing worst for a freelancer than a bad feedback.

  5. Search information about them. A company might seem very professional, but it’s not always like this. To be sure that you work with the right company, search their name on the Internet. If there are unsatisfied clients, you will find them.

  6. Work with someone you know. Is there a guy in your school that can write amazing essays without any effort? Well, hire him instead of hiring an unknown person on the Internet. He will not disappear and he will not ask for a lot of money.

  7. Don’t work with anonymous people. It does not matter how polite they are, bad people can pretend very well. If they don’t want to reveal their name, it’s better to search for someone else. In the end, you better loose a few hours, than lose your money.