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Building Good Homework Habits: Professional Advice For Newbies

Homework is a wonderful opportunity for learning and for solidifying the information taught in the classroom from short-term to long-term memory. Many students believe that this is a form of punishment but in reality it is a great chance to truly learn something rather than just memorizing it for the sake of passing an exam once.

One of the best ways to tackle any assignment you have is to build good habits from the beginning.

So what makes a good work habit?

  1. The first good work habit is regularity. Regularly working on any assignment you have helps you to breakdown larger tasks into more manageable goals which can be accomplished in a regular basis. This also helps to turn your brain on to homework focus mode quickly. The faster you were able to transition from whatever task you were completing to your assignments, the last time you will spend on the transition and the more time you spend actually completing the task and solidifying information in your mind. It is important that you find a time where you can work regularly every day of the week. You should try to work at the same time and in the same location. On days where you do not have a current task which is do you can always use the time to study something else or review class notes? Doing something coming to matter how small it is, regularly on a daily basis will help you to recall the information. You will practice regularly retrieving information stored in your brain which helps you to increase the speed with which your mind can retrieve said information.

  2. Another good habit is to break up every task you have the moment you receive it on a calendar or a journal. Having a calendar with both monthly and weekly spaces afford you the opportunity to write on a task the moment it is due and to see where it falls in your schedule and what things need to be accomplished on a daily basis. If you work regularly you can sit down to work and immediately look at what things are due that day or that week and begin working on the most important task first. This type of time management is incredibly beneficial tool that you can apply to all tasks throughout the course of your academic career. Tools like these will make sure that you achieve the success you want.