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Finding English Homework Help Online Free

With the plethora of scholarly sites on the web to help any student in any discipline, there are especially all kinds of resources for English homework help for free.

  • English Help Websites
  • Look for university specific websites – especially top tier universities. All of them have a writing help center with all kinds of handouts. You can also search for specific help with whatever concept of English you need help with specifically. Other great benefits to these schools’ writing help sites are their interactive exercises on different types of English concepts. They will allow you to input what you think the answer is and then tell you when you’re correct or incorrect. They also tell you exactly why you’re wrong, which helps you to learn as well as finish your homework.

  • English Tutoring Help Sites
  • There are scads of English tutors available online for free. These students can work one on one with students on their homework for free. The benefits of a tutor are that studies show that one-on-one work with a teacher or tutor can improve student understanding to the utmost degree. These experienced English tutors, most of whom are all English major graduates with degrees from the bachelor’s to the doctoral level, and most of whom have taught for many years offer the best, most experienced help a student or their parents can provide for them. Since there are so many tutoring sites on the web today, students should use search term such as “Teacher recommended tutoring sites,” “Parent recommended tutoring sites,” and “highly recommended tutoring sites.”

    You can also find tutors online who will come to your home, if they are in your area and work one-on-one with the student. If you like the tutor, you could seek to hire them to help you through English and other difficult subjects.

  • Using Search Terms to Find Help With Specific Topics in English
  • Today, using a variety of search terms and avoiding stop words is key when looking for certain kinds of help on the web. “Stop” words are all the parts of speech that may be necessary parts to make a sentence, but which really are not the crucial words in a sentence. You want to avoid, when searching for English homework help, words like articles (the, a, an), prepositions (of, in, on, with, onto, upon, into) and conjunctions (and, but, or, so).

    If you’re looking for help with finding verbal phrases, simple put in “help verbal phrases” not “help with verbal phrases.” If you need help writing compound-complex sentences” put in “help compound complex sentences” not “help with compound-complex sentences. “