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I Need Help With Math Homework for Free - 3 Ways to Get Free Advice

If you find you're having trouble with your maths homework, there is one element of consolation -- you are not alone. There are countless thousands of students who every night find they have some sort of difficulty with their homework for algebra, geometry, calculus or some other form of mathematics. Of course that doesn't help you with your particular problem but at least you know it is not an isolated one. When it comes to homework, you are obviously not at school and therefore not in a position to talk to your teacher or professor about a particular mathematics problem. You need help and you need it immediately.

But there are other aspects to your situation. Not only do you need help with your maths homework but you need free advice. How on earth are you going to find that?

There are three free resources as far as mathematics homework is concerned. You could try one or two or even all three. The last one could possibly be the most beneficial simply because there is so much help in that category.

  • From a private teacher.
  • From a family member or friend.
  • From any one of the number of online homework help sites.

It may be possible for you to find a friendly teacher, even a retired teacher or neighbour who has a good knowledge of your particular problem with your maths homework. Maybe a little barter could be involved. You do some chores for the neighbor or retired teacher and in return they give you a hand with your homework problems.

If you're lucky enough to have a relative living in your home who is good at mathematics, you could be on a winner. Again barter might be involved here when you do some extra tasks in order to get that free tuition.

And finally you should be aware that there are numerous online homework services which are free. The beauty of the websites which offer homework help for students struggling with their maths is that they offer a variety of services.

Some websites have videos you can click on and watch which deal with specific subjects in the mathematics curriculum. So once you know your area of weakness, you search these particular websites and look for a video which covers your topic. It's a class on your computer or tablet or maybe even your mobile and it's free.

Then there are blogs where students submit the particular problem with their maths homework and other students and other interested people offer suggestions and provide answers.

And finally there are virtual classrooms where a student posts a question about their homework and once you are part of that group you can contribute your own comments and read the comments made by others. And it's all free.