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Vitally Necessary Tricks Providing Help With College Algebra Homework

Homework of any kind can be stressful, for parents or students. College algebra can be even more stressful since there is so much to be learned and done before the next class period that is not fully explained by the instructor. College students are expected to be much more independent than they were in high school even though they are usually only 3 months out of high school when they begin college.

The most vital 'trick' to getting help with your college algebra homework is to know when to look for that help.

Things a student can do for themselves:

  • Skim the assignment to see what problems must be done.
  • Ask the instructor for further explanation during class if something discussed in lecture just doesn't make sense.

Once the student has done those things that can be done before leaving class, the next step is to be sure that the assignment isn't forgotten.

Make a plan:

  • Write the assignment down in a notebook or homework planner.
  • Turn off all distractions. No phone, no TV, no music, no video games.
  • Actually READ the chapter associated with the assignment, there are many explanations made fairly simply in that text.
  • Schedule the amount of time to spend doing homework.
  • Work on one topic or problem at a time. If a specific problem is causing more difficulty than others, it is often beneficial to skip to the next and come back to that difficult problem at a later time. Just don't put it off too long.
  • Schedule breaks. Breaks of about 10 to 15 minutes will allow the student to relax and be able to come back to the assignment with greater focus.

If the student has attempted to do the assignment themselves and the assignment still does not make sense, now is the time to seek further assistance.

Places to look for more help:

  • Student services
  • College library
  • College newspaper for ads about people who offer tutoring.
  • Parents, if they are available and have knowledge of college algebra

Tutors are often available through the college or the student can pay for tutoring services out of their own pocket, usually an hourly wage. There are many websites that offer assistance and explanations, some for free though most reputable sites require a fee.

There are always enough hours in the day to get homework done. Use those hidden times that aren't even thought about to get a problem or two done. The time between classes can range from 5 minutes to an hour or more. The time waiting for a sporting event is part of this hidden time. The student could spend this hidden time just goofing off or could put it to use to work on homework. If this is done, when the school day is ended – the student can have fun because the work is finally done!