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Successful study ideas: doing your homework quicker

If you are struggling to finish your homework quickly, there are some successful studying tips that can help you get things done long before the deadline:

  • Some students need a little extra push with regards to doing homework over the weekend. In this case, it might be best to have a big homework night on Friday night, so that the weekend is entirely free. Students will feel much better if the information is fresh in their mind and therefore easily attainable. It also allows extra room in case there are materials that need purchasing first thing Saturday or if a book is left at school.
  • If a day of school is missed, it is imperative that the student be responsible for asking what the missed assignments were. This can be done by contacting another student or emailing the teacher. If this becomes a learned skill, it will minimize anxiety when they return to class the next day.
  • If your student is on any medication, make sure the medication is working to the best of its ability. Homework may be an unnecessary struggle because of an imbalance. Work with a professional to ensure this does not happen.
  • Provide practice tests often. Try and mimic the teaching style of the teacher and provide some practice tests each week that improve homework.
  • Older students can benefit greatly from a homework study group. This can be one other person or two or three, and together they can meet at the same time and make homework a more enjoyable process.

One great thing you can do is to set an end of the day reminder for all students. This reminder can be posted in a locker, in their backpack, on their planner, etc… It can ask them to:

  • Check their planner and verify what homework assignments they have and what tests are coming up.
  • Pack all the things they need to do those assignments and/or study for those tests. This may include folders, library books, textbooks, study guides, class notes, or a composition book.
  • Check what items are in their locker, or cubby, which need to be brought home, such as a test that the parent has to sign, or a library book that needs to be returned, or even an old lunch that needs to be thrown away.
  • Check that any jackets or PE clothes are brought home if they need to be.