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5 Places Where You Can Get Help with Your Homework Assignments

When seeking extra help for your homework there are many sources you can consult for assistance. Do not be afraid to ask for help when you need it because there is help everywhere. Some of the best sources of help with your homework are: the instructor, online, library, tutor, or peer.

  1. Instructor: Your instructor is a great first source of help to consult for your homework assignments. Make sure to ask any questions you may think of throughout class, and be clear on the lesson. If you need further instruction than what is provided in class, your teacher will likely have office hours in which he or she can help you. Visit your teacher during his or her office hours to get assistance on your homework assignment.

  2. Online: The Internet is another good source of help for your homework. If you have specific questions about a certain aspect of the chapter or strategy perform a search online. Your search will likely turn up forums, videos, and articles that explain the concept. Many times the question you pose have already been asked and answered by others on the Internet.

  3. Library: Services at the library can really help you with your homework assignments. Visit your school library and your local library to find out about free tutoring services. There is usually assistance available for many subjects throughout a given week, and you should be able to locate the extra homework help you are seeking.

  4. Peer: Working with you peers on homework can be very helpful. Now, it is important that you do your own work and do not cheat, but helping one another is a great source of learning. By assisting each other and working together, you are able to study as a group and address questions or obstacles together.

  5. Tutor: Sometimes when you are struggling in a subject free assistance might not be enough. Hiring a tutor can immensely help in better completing your homework and studying for a more difficult course. A tutor is professional and expert on the subject. He or she should be able to pinpoint exactly what concepts you are struggling with, and strengthen your understanding.

Do not be afraid to ask for help! Consult the people around you, and take advantage of extra available resources. With the help of instructors, the internet, the library, tutors and/or peers—you will finish your homework successfully!